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Dynamic. Curious. Empathetic. Creative. Core’s Smartworkers form an ecosystem bursting with ideas and talent. You’ll have the chance to meet professionals from many industries, form synergies, create alliances, and forge new relationships together.


Kevin van der Wijst
Digital Designer | Gusta Studio
Mar Albiol
Digital Designer | Gusta Studio
Toni Rivilla
CEO & Founder | Wohcash
Ángel Sánchez
CTO & Founder | Wohcash
Lorena Rodríguez
Chemical Engineer | -
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“I joined Core to increase my productivity at work, to socialise and to expand my network”
Barbara Vode
Senior Events Cordinator
"I feel better and more motivated sharing a space with other coworkers."
Eren Erekli
Founder of Cozy Valencia
“It’s good to have a place to go when you work for yourself.”
Jiska Bisschop
Co-Founder of


Can I come by and see the space?

You can come and see it whenever you want. Just contact us to close an appointment, and we will be happy to show you around.


Can I have a free trial day?

If you are planning to stay in a coworking space for the long-term, and don’t know if our space is right for you, we invite you to experience a free day with us.  

Is there a minimum length of stay?

All of our contracts are monthly. For a Hot Desk, you can hire from as little as half a day, as long as you need. If you are seeking a long-term stay, be sure to ask about our discounts.


How can I pay?

We only allow for direct debit. In some instances, for purchasing credits and renting conference rooms, it will be using a debit or credit card through the app.  

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Other plans

Coworking Space

Find the calm you need to give your best in the fixed and flexible desks we have for you.

Rooms and spaces

Ideal for every type of event and meeting; they can fit up to 80 people and have AV material.

Office rentals

We have separate, completely private workspaces available. Set yourself up alongside your team.