The Hot Desk is a flexible desk. Before choosing your permanent spot, use the Hot Desk to try out different workspaces at Core to find your favorite.

Set your schedule

Work Monday through Friday, or on the weekends; in the morning, afternoon, or evening, whenever you want. Core’s always open.

No strings attached

Whether it be for a day, a week or two or a month, get a Hot Desk for however long you need, and only for the time you need.


Enjoy this rate Monday through Friday for a month
15 days
Enjoy this 15-day rate with 24-hour access
Seven days
24-hour access
One day
24-hour access

Included Amenities

We have a plan that best adapts to your needs, whether your team is large or small or if you need a permanent or temporary space.
Icon chair

Ergonomic Chair

all our desks have an ergonomic chair so you can work comfortably, no matter what plan you choose.

Icon notebook

Basic office supplies

notepad, pen, pencil, clips, and permanent market. And if you need anything else we can get it for you.

Icon wifi

High-speed Wi-Fi

the whole space is ready for you to browse at speeds of 300Mb/s and using Ethernet at 1,0000 Mb/s should you prefer.

Icon fingerprint

24/7 Access

you can come whenever you like 365 days a year.


What’s the difference between a Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk?

A Hot Desk is a “floating,” not-fixed space. That means you’ll use a different desk every day. In contrast, a Dedicated Desk is a set desk just for you with a set of drawers.

Can I have a free trial day?

If you are planning to stay in a coworking space for the long-term, and don’t know if our space is right for you, we invite you to come to experience a free day with us.  

What’s the internet speed?

The speed is 300Mb/s with Wi-Fi and 1000Mb/s with an Ethernet cable.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

All of our contracts are monthly. For a Hot Desk, you can hire from as little as half a day, as long as you need. If you are seeking a long-term stay, be sure to ask about our discounts.

Other plans

Icon oficinaprivada

Dedicated desk

Have your own guaranteed space. The Dedicated Desk is the ideal plan for those seeking comfort and stability in their work.

Icon meetingroom

Meeting Rooms

Take your meetings to the next level with our first-class conference and meeting rooms. Our spaces offer you an inviting atmosphere that ensures every meeting’s success.